Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

The Heart Den

entry unfinished

After a grueling three days of near constant action, the party has finally found some refuge with the Wolf clan at their camp set up at the Heart Den. Faetun, the Wolf Clan leader, having learned of the party’s trials, has made it clear that Black Dasus is an enemy to all the clans and it is nearly clan duty at this point to hunt him down and kill him. Mina, returned to her family, although still in shock shows signs of recovery. Anja and Shine are placed under the care of the Wolf clan healer along with Kym-mae’s careful attention.
- The party decides to spend some time with the Wolf clan and try to recover from their wounds and general exhaustion.
- Jub, though having made his presence known the the Wolf clan, generally keeps aloof and to himself in the forest. He scouts the area around the camp and up onto the cliff wall above the Den itself. He finds large wolf-like prints that seem to scout the perimeter of the camp.
- Tallis, while recouperating from the crushing blow dealt to her ribs from the rolling log, practices obsessively drawing arrows quickly from her quiver and actually becomes quite good at it.
- Jub spends his time embroidering a baby ‘sack’ for Kym-mae’s forthcoming child.
- Kym-mae is busy ‘nesting’ and making preparations for the coming of her baby.
- In all, the party spends 7 nights tending to their wounds and generally resting up.
- On their 8th day at the camp, a woman comes rushing into the camp crying out for Faetun. She tells of a desecration at the Sundown Burial grounds where she and her mate brought her recently passed father to be interned. She describes how the bones of their ancestors have been scattered about within the cairn and left among them were 3 groutesque, oversized wolves heads. Faetun is outraged and gathers several hunters with him to go and investigate, the party (all but Kym-mae) go to investigate.
- At the burial ground, the group encounters a lone man standing at the entrance to the cairn. He introduces himself as Kal├╝t, and as one of the blood-bonded. He tells how he was called here by his ‘bonded’ and that the spirits of the area and confused and angry at the desecration. Jub enters the cairn and sees that indeed the bones of the ancestors have been torn from their resting places and scattered around the tomblike cavern. On the ground with the bones are the three heads of the large wolf creatures the party encountered a week ago, their eyes pure white. His intention is to find those that



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