starved and traumatized Wolf clan girl found in a cave in the bluffs north of the Wolf clan territory.


Mina of the Wolf clan
4’6", 9 years old, dark brown hair and eyes.


Mina was found by the players in a cavern deep within the Cave of the Auroch. She was found naked and starved and completely terrified of the party. Attempts to communicate with her were met with silence or her screaming one word, her name, “Mina!” With much coaxing, Anja was able to get Mina to trust her enough to rescue her from the cave. From there she was returned to her family who had taken refuge at the Heart Den. Her freedom was short lived however as in a little over a week’s time she was taken away from her clan again by the demon from the Cave of the Auroch. The demon fled with her and the party took up with several members of Mina’s family and tracked the demon back north to the Cave of the Auroch again. Therein the party found the body of the demon and a hideous beast that seemed as if wolf with no fur or skin but could not find Mina.


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