Proud, imposing warrior from the deep forest Auroch clan.


Valkilmer of the Aurochs
29 years old, 6’, 165 lbs.
Proud and boastful warrior with long hair, braided in places and clean shaven.


I am Valkilmer of the clan Auroch. I am a warrior and hunter. My tale will be filled with glorious deeds. I have journeyed from the Deep Forests on a mission for my people. Your lands are strange and filled with evil magicks. There are many Changelings in these woods. I do not trust Baul the Crow man. He follows us disguised as a crow. Anja became a bear. I have pledged to return the lost men of a Willow woman and the Wolf woman Kym-Mae and rid these lands of the Husband-Thieves. Black Dasus has tried to kill me and my companions and I must have vengeance.


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