Bear clan

The Bear clan roams an expanse of land from the northern sea coast and bordered by the Vipers on the west, Wolf and Red Fox clan to the south, and Cave Lion to the east. Their territory is quite large and although there is one clan leader, Rundel, he has deputized several other clan members to act under his authority and keep clan law and order in the more remote regions of the Bear clan range.

They are a stalwart clan who pride themselves on their integrity and clan history. To the Bear clan, lineage is very important and blood lines scrutinzed.

Known Bear clan members:

  • Anja – Dependable, no funny business hunter.
  • My’Mek – Assaulted Tiranel at Sea Otter clan meet. Entrusted to Anja to bring back to Rundel and the Bear clan for judgement. Escaped after party ambushed on banks of Fox Tail river.
  • Vok – One of two Bear clan members also at Sea Otter clan meet that accompanied party north along Fox Tail river. Sent back to report to Sea Otter clan after party was attacked on the banks of said river.
  • Sinda – Deceased. Second of the two Bear clan members who accompanied party north along the Fox Tail river. Killed by an arrow through the throat.

Bear clan

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