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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Wiki.

This wiki is here for you to add and edit information to help you keep track of what’s going on in the game. Please feel free to make changes to the wiki as new information becomes realized through play. I have started the wiki off with a few entries and may add or edit as the need arises, but I want this to be a mostly player generated wiki that compiles your understanding of the world and events transpiring around you.

CoAD wiki topics:

Sea Otter clan
Bear clan
Wolf clan
Auroch clan
Wisent clan
Viper clan

Other groups:
Blood Bonded

People of note:
Hi’Tenna – Sea Otter leader.
Tiranel – Talented and beautiful Sea Otter story teller. Mother of Akrea.
Akrea – Sea Otter son of Tiranel the Sea Otter storyteller.
My’Mek – Bear clan man who assaulted Tiranel at Sea Otter clan Meet.
Sita – Sea Otter healer (renowned).
Baul – Wanderer originally from the Raven clan.
Lee – Tattooless son of Baul.
name unknown – One of the Blood Bonded met at Sea Otter burial grounds.
Mina – girl found in cave in Snake Den Bluffs.
Black Dasus – Outcast from Bear Clan.

Main Page

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