Sea Otter clan

The Sea Otter clan are generally jovial and relaxed bunch. Their permanent home by the sea offers them a constant source of fresh fish and shellfish which allows them plenty of time to engage in cultural and social pursuits.

Like their totem animal, the Sea Otters are quite devoted to family and the clan looks after each and every child as a member of the collective family. They are jokers and love to sing and dance and make merry.

The Sea Otters have designed a very unique tool which they call the Moridran. It is a simple handaxe with several different surfaces used for specialized purposes such as cutting, smashing, and piercing. Only the Sea Otter flint knappers know who to properly make one and each clan member is given one at his or her coming of age which they keep their entire lives.

In winter, they move inland to a less windy camp ground up river and rely a little more on forest game gathered by trapping and hunting.

Their current leader is a good natured and balanced Hi’Tenna, and their mage the soft spoken Culasis. Sita, their healer, is renowned throughout the open forest as a master of her craft.

The Sea Otter territory hugs the coast and is bordered by the Sea Eagles and Vipers to the North, and the Wolf clan to the East.

Known Sea Otter clan members:

  • Makkar – Craftsman, artisan and giant.
  • Tallis – Tricky, twitchy, misfit.
  • Tiranel – Storyteller and mother of Akrea
  • Hi’Tenna – Leader
  • Sita – Healer
  • Shine – Messenger, storyteller and addict.

Sea Otter clan

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