Wolf clan

The mysterious Wolf clan roam their open forest range and nomads, never settling long in one place. Their clan recently came to notoriety for having both a mage that turned soul eater and said mage’s son being a Spirit Walker (Torak) who ultimately, along with Ren from the Raven clan, brought down the soul eaters.

They roam the land between the Sea Otters to the west, Willow clan to the south, Red fox to the southeast, Bear to the northeast and viper to the northwest.

Wolf clan members drink a concoction created by their mage that turns the whites of their eyes yellow so as to look more like their clan creature.

Their clan tattoos consist of two rows of four dots running parallel along each cheekbone.

Known Wolf clan members:

  • Kym-mae – Daughter of Faetun the Wolf clan leader and married to Na-mae of the Sea Otter clan. Very pregnant.
  • Name unknown – Crazed man who attacked the party while camped in the forest west of the Fox Tail river. Had death marks on his body and was otherwise covered in dirt and muck.
  • Mina – girl found in cave in Snake Den Bluffs.

Wolf clan

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