Welcome to Chronicles of Ancient Darkness!

This campaign is based on the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness book series written by Michelle Paver and published by Orion press.

The novels are set in prehistoric Europe and focus on the adventures of two young heros who face not only the daily challenges (and excitement) of living 4,000 years ago in a beautiful but dangerous world, but also must relate and contend with their rich clan society and the mysteries of shamanism and a very active spirit world.

I have taken this setting as a framework for the gameworld and have expanded and elaborated on it to fit my passions and desires as a gamemaster.

The gameworld is run using the GURPS system (3rd edition) by Steve Jackson Games, which I believe allows for a wonderful diversity of skills and character customization and yet keeps things fairly realistic and constantly challenging.

Players take on the roles of various members of the clans (hunters, shamans, storytellers, etc) and find themselves faced with a dynamic and challenging natural environment and well as having to face rogue spirits, natural disaster, enemy clans, monsters, contact with unfamiliar tribes, epic quests and internal clan politics.

My intention has been to run fairly fast-paced games with plenty of thrills but also hope to build a long term, overarching plot line rich in nuance and character and gameworld development. It is the neolithic era; it is exciting and fresh and filled with wonder and magic and countless unknowns. Yet there is strong clan tradition and a society that is hardy and intimately connected with its natural environment. Players need to hunt. They need to maintain access to water. There will be many everyday challenges that may not be foreseen, but the focus of the game will be on adventure and storyline and a myriad of cross referencing plots and (what I hope) are exciting and challenging quests.

The campaign was started on March 23rd 2012, runs every two weeks, and players are comprised mostly of members of Toronto’s TAG (Toronto Area Gamers).

Coad group shot

left to right: Anja, Kym-mae, Jub, Tallis, Valkilmer (not pictured (yet): Makkar).

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

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